About Leafy eBikes

A Leafy Bike is an electric hybrid  bicycle that operates with several special features. A Leafy Bike is a cycling product which provides riders a different experience in mobility. As a hybrid electric bike company Leafy Bikes goal is to make an imprint in decreasing pollution in  third world countries and in inner cities. The Leafy Classic II is designed to be half bicycle and half motorcycle without the contribution of gasoline. The Leafy Classic II gives riders the ability to use two electric components to activate the motor. Riders can use the throttle to accelerate or begin to manually pedal to activate pedal assist mode.  Pedal assist mode only activates when Leafy Bike is turned on.  The Leafy Classic II gives riders the ability to hold two passenger just like a motorcycle. With a Leafy Classic II riders can now abandon the motor gas lifestyle and incorporate the eco friendly lifestyle. A community that works together GROWS together.

Wheels: Alloy rims

Gears: 6 speed

Motor: 240 Watt Geared Motor

Battery range: 25-30 miles

Speed: 15 Mph

Full charge: 4-6 hrs

Brake: Front drum brake/ Rear expansion brake

Battery: lithium 48V 8 Ah


Just Enjoy The Ride

The Leafy Classic II is not only  equipped with an anti theft alarm system, portable charger, pedal assistant, throttle control, and a built in horn system to alarm those around, the Leafy Classic II  carries two passengers. The first of its kind to provide transportation in a new way for the new era. 



The Leafy Classic II can hold two passengers with a weight limit of 380lbs. The rear seat is equipped with a backrest for passengers to ride comfortable and a foot rest for riders to Just Enjoy The Ride.

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